What the children’s books Ted Cruz referenced at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing really say – CNN

In a hearing ostensibly meant to assess whether Jackson is qualified to serve on the highest court in the land, the Republican senator brought up critical race theory — an academic concept taught primarily at the university and graduate levels that has since turned into a political flashpoint — in K-12 schools.

Cruz focused the bulk of his questions, however, on two children’s books — “Antiracist Baby” and “Stamped (For Kids).” And his characterizations of those titles were largely distort…….


Adirondack names, mysteries in Catskill and more tied into local books – Times Union

After a long, cold winter the temperatures are warming, and the days are getting brighter. Very soon now, those of us who are avid readers will be sitting in our favorite outdoor place and losing ourselves in a good book. Here are a few suggestions  by some local authors. Many of the books can be found in area independent bookstores. 

 “Franklin and Eleanor in New York: The Progressive Agenda for Security and Prosperity that Became the New Deal” by Michael J. Burgess (The Troy Bo…….


Jewel City’s Crown Jewel: A chat with Arno Yeretzian of Abril Books – Armenian Weekly

Abril Books owner Arno Yeretzian (Photo: Melody Seraydarian)

There are a few places in the Armenian Diaspora that hold a distinct cultural significance that rival the extraordinary spaces in the motherland itself. One of those places is the reputable Abril Books, which is located in the unofficial Armenian capital of the world, the Jewel City itself, Glendale, California. Over the years, Abril Books, which hosts a double-meaning in Armenian (“to live” and the month of April), has experien…….


Banned books are finding a new home at a tiny library on an island – Boise State Public Radio


Good morning. I’m Steve Inskeep. Banned books are finding a new home in a tiny library on an island. Residents of Matinicus, just off the coast of Maine, are pushing back on the book-banning efforts that are sweeping the country. They’ve made it their mission to stock their library shelves with the very books that are being censored elsewhere. One resident tells the local news, quote, “if you don’t want it in your library, we…….


Commonplace Books Are Like a Diary Without the Risk of Annoying Yourself – The New York Times

I’ve never been a journal person, though not for lack of trying. A monogrammed duffel bag in my parents’ basement holds many old diaries — a furry leopard-print one from elementary school, Moleskines with unbroken spines from college — each with an optimistic entry or two. But the habit has never stuck. That’s partly down to a lack of discipline, but I think it’s mostly self-consciousness. I can’t help reading whatever I’m writing as some future-me …….


How to Gift Books Your Grandchildren Will Love – AARP

Ages 8-12

Keep reading to your grandkids, even at this age (if they’re willing to listen). Choose books that are slightly above their independent reading level to help build their language skills and vocabulary.

Set a timer for 20 minutes for everyone to read, and then have each person share what they’ve read. But “never use reading …….


Conservatives Are Ramping Up Their War on Books – Jezebel

They’ve already tried to ban grade school classics, like To Kill A Mockingbird and The Bluest Eye, for reasons like causing “white discomfort.” And now, conservatives’ fight over what books should be a part of the public school curriculum or available in libraries is not only enduring, it’s evolving—with more and more modern selections deemed too “divisive” or “sexually explicit” for young people to read.



Assistance League Rancho San Dieguito holds ‘Bravo For Books’ event – Del Mar Times

Alexander Anta and Zoe Jimenez from the Solana Beach Head Start School.

(Assistance League Rancho San Dieguito)

Assistance League Rancho San Dieguito (ALRSD) held its February event called “Bravo for Books!” The recipients were the following: the Solana Beach Head Start School; the After School Programs at the Encinitas and Carmel Valley Boys and Girls Clubs; and the After School Program at the Magdalena Ecke YMCA. Over 200 children, grades pre-kindergarten through 6, were…….